Riding To Paris

Natürlich ist Paris eine Stadt mit unglaublich viel Kultur aber ihr wird ja auch nachgesagt, die Stadt der Liebe zu sein.
Das habe ich selbstverständlich nicht vergessen und vor der Reise folgenden Song komponiert und produziert:

I’m sitting here writing a song about us now,
about this way we choose to go.
I’m thinking of that night, you were dancing for me,
uh how wonderful to see.

Now it’s time to move,
now it’s time to groove.
Cause we are riding to Paris on a train called love.
Dancing in circles with the sun high above.
Cause we are riding to Paris like a trip to the moon.
Sweet dreaming at night, not awaking, awaking too soon.

When I’m reading your big brown eyes,
I find you there without disguise.
I touch your soul, your soul touches mine,
so my day starts to shine.


And when I hold your hand before I fall asleep,
my heart whispers words grateful and deep.
And when you kiss me goodnight I close my eyes,
I feel you are true, far away from all lies.

So every day I feel a little closer to you,
and I find something new.
You are my princess, my dancing love,
have you been sent from above?


© Text & Musik: Rudolf Holgerson